Scotland Equal Marriage

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights in Scotland are generally in line with the rest of the United Kingdom, which are now regarded one of the most progressive in Europe.


ame-sex marriage was approved by Scottish Parliament in February 2014 and received royal assent on 12 March 2014 and the first same-sex marriages expected to occur on 31 December 2014, whilst civil partnerships for same-sex couples have been legal since 2005. Same-sex couples have also been granted joint and step adoption since 2009.

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Couples in an existing civil partnership will also be able to change their relationship to a marriage from 16 December 2014, meaning couples can register to marry then.

For married transgender people, from 16 December 2014 they will no longer be forced to divorce the person they love before they are allowed to have the gender they live as recognised in law.

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