Northern Ireland's block on gay marriage

Northern Ireland is now the only part of the UK which has not passed a law to introduce same-sex marriage.

The first gay marriages have recently taken place in England, Wales and Scotland.

As well as the Catholic Church, the Evangelical Alliance made its opposition to the motion clear.

gay marriage

Ahead of the latest Stormont vote, the human rights organisation Amnesty International said Northern Ireland politicians would not be able to block same-sex marriage indefinitely.

Gay rights campaigners are trying a new legal strategy to have same-sex marriage recognised in Northern Ireland. The focus of the challenge will be on the plight of a gay couple who got legally married in England before returning to Northern Ireland.

As things stand, same-sex couples who lawfully marry elsewhere in the UK, or anywhere else where it is legal, are not legally recognised as married upon their return home.
Guto Monteiro